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Shocking Discovery of Another Nickname of AHU in Kaskus

We've just found out another nickname in Kaskus forum which is believed also belongs to Abdul Halim Utama (AHU).

The discovery was done as we were trying to query the keywords of "urbantunawisma", which is AHU's famous nickname in many forums, and "photobucket" as one of the most commonly used photo uploader hosting.

The results were quite shocking, as it shows an archive link to Kaskus forum's topic thread of Desktop Screenshot [Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc]. Within the discussion, there's a link of a desktop screenshot that leads to urbantunawisma's Photobucket account, under the nickname of tula06.

The conclusion was made that the nickname of tula06 in Kaskus were also AHU's. However possibilities were made, whether this account was truly established by AHU himself or simply a neglected and taken-over account.

Stay tuned for the development of this shocking news, only on AHU Watch. א


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