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Post Eid ul-Adha Holiday Announcement

In accordance to Surat Rektor #14968/J06/TU/2007 dated October 29th 2007, we would like to remind you, especially Abdul Halim Utama (AHU) and the students of Faculty of Economy University of Padjadjaran (FE UNPAD), about post Eid ul-Adha Holiday announcement:

1. Post Eid ul-Adha (Dhu al-Hijjah 10th 1428 H) holiday begins December 21st 2007,

2. Christmas holiday is starting from December 24th to 26th 2007,

3. New year holiday begins December 31st December 2007;

There should be no administrative and academic activities during the date stated above.

Bandung, December 7th 2007
Dean of FE UNPAD,

Prof. Dr. Hj. Sutyastie Soemitro Remi, SE., M.S.
NIP 130935698

This announcement were taken from official website of FE UNPAD (link available here). The editors decided to put the announcement right here to make sure that AHU won't experience another prolonged day-off which happens few semester ago.

Season greetings to all AHU watcher and have a nice holiday. א

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