Friends of Abdul Halim Utama (AHU) in SMPN 1 Bogor


The Real Friendster Account of Abdul Halim Utama?

Once again, we've had discovered another Halim Utama's (AHU) online account. This time it was a Friendster account that exposed his real full name and an e-mail using his full real name,

However, we're not sure whether this account was made by AHU himself or was just a fake account of AHU made by someone else to put AHU into shame. But since AHU was known to be quite suicidal for himself in the internet, eventually this account were possibly made by AHU himself.

If it was made by AHU himself, the sole reason of such account creation, however, were still unknown since AHU had already have 2 known (faked) Friendster accounts. It is quite possibly that AHU would want to be significantly known in the net for some reason: love attractions. Further objective findings would be required to prove this theory. א


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